Contact Information

Actuarial Advisors, Inc.

Fifth Street Towers
150 South Fifth Street, Suite 2575
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402
Phone: (612) 455-3330
Fax: (612) 455-3349
Staff Email and Phone Numbers
Amy J. Abrahamson, B.Math
(612) 455-3333
Scott C. Anderson, FCAS, MAAA, FCA
President and Consulting Actuary
(612) 455-3334
Richard V. Atkinson, FCAS, MAAA
Consulting Actuary
(612) 455-3332
Lindsey M. Burgstahler, B.S.B.
(612) 455-3335
John K. Knapstein, ACAS
Consulting Actuary
(612) 455-3338
Benjamin J. Villnow, FCAS, MAAA
Consulting Actuary
(612) 455-3336
Joseph C. Wenc, FCAS, MAAA
Consulting Actuary
(612) 455-3337
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